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We know you have questions 

There is no way you will get all the information you need just by reviewing our website. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. In the mean time, here are some of the questions we get all the time.


Why do I have to commit to a contract?

Unfortunately, the work we do takes time. Improving a CRM, cleaning up data, testing procedures, managing information is not an over night fix. Your database and procedures will produce miracle results over time. We know that testing and fine tuning takes time. We are asking you to commit to us, and we are committing to you over a span of time that is realistic.


Why would I let you into my client data?


We have been in the wealth management industry our entire career. We know that information is priceless and confidentiality is an absolute necessity. We will commit to a confidentiality agreement, and will provide one with each relationship. In fact, we keep all our clients confidential. You will only ever read about, hear from, or notice the clients that have agreed with us to go public with our praises.


Do you guarantee results?

This depends on your definition of results. If results means we will use our knowledge of CRM, management, and implementation to do everything we can to help you achieve what you want out of your practice then the answer is yes. If you are turning to us for an automatic increase in revenue and a sweet life jet setting around the world, then no.


What if I just need help with one or two items?

Of course, we do individual projects. Advisors come to us for all sorts of things from data cleanup, checklist design, document scanning, mass mailing, or just help implementing an idea they have had but are not sure how to make it happen. Give us the details on the project, we will quote you a price and when we agree to the terms, we will make it happen.


What hours do you operate?

Initially you can expect us to work at any time. We keep odd hours like late nights, weekends, and holidays. If we have an agreed upon deadline we take that very seriously. The great thing about working with a virtual team is that we do not have to turn off the lights at any particular time.

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